Should I Buy a New Air Conditioner and Furnace Together?

Air conditioners don’t work for a lifetime, no matter the brand or quality. If you’re getting ready for air conditioning replacement too? It varies based on your situation.

Here are several points to think over, plus the advantages of avoiding a mismatched furnace and air conditioner.

Points to Ask When Thinking Over Air Conditioning Replacement and Furnace Replacement at the Same Time

Here are the most important questions to answer in advance of making your decision:

  • How old is your furnace? Furnaces can work up to 20 years, while air conditioners work for about 15 years. If your furnace is more than a 15 years old, we recommend replacing it alongside your air conditioner. If it was installed earlier than this, you can likely wait.
  • What model of air conditioner are you installing? A lot of homeowners are replacing their outdated, single-stage air conditioners for variable-speed styles. This conserves energy and increases comfort by running at varying speeds. Air conditioners rely on the furnace blower to move air. So, if you use a single-stage furnace, you’ll have to get a new one to get the complete comfort and benefits of a matched variable-speed system.
  • Can your furnace provide the correct air flow? Your furnace needs to circulate the correct amount of air to keep your residence comfy. An updated air conditioner could call for a different indoor coil. So, it’s crucial your furnace is correctly sized for the new air conditioner. An Expert technician, such as one from Robinson Service Experts , can determine that static pressure of your system and give the right recommendation.
  • Is the installation complicated? You’ll make it easier on your tech and your budget if you replace both systems together.

Why You Should Replace Your Furnace and Air Conditioner Simultaneously

If your furnace and air conditioner work together and are adequately sized, there aren’t typically any major imminent outcomes. A mismatched setup is typically not permanent until the other system goes out. You can avoid the short-term patch by replacing your furnace and air conditioner simultaneously. And, you’ll get these perks:

  • Improved efficiency: By “matching” your air conditioner and furnace, you’ll make sure everything works at the greatest efficiency, making your family comfier and lowering your yearly heating and cooling bills.
  • Decreased HVAC repairs: If you put in new air conditioner but keep the old furnace, you never know when it may stop working for good. In the meantime, you’ll shell out for repairs that could have paid for a new furnace.
  • Potential discounts: You can pay less for labor by having both replaced during the same appointment. And you might even qualify for an exclusive deal since you’re installing new heating and cooling equipment.

If it’s time to get rid of your mismatched furnace and air conditioner, get in touch with Robinson Service Experts . We know the cost of replacing your full system might stress you out, so we’ll make your investment economical through special coupons or our stress-free Advantage Program™. You can receive a new, high-efficiency system at no money down and just one low monthly price. And all maintenance and repairs down the road are included!*

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